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Archived from the original Video on 2 January Retrieved 23 August Google Finance. Japan Daily Press.

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Archived from the original on 17 October Retrieved 17 April Even the most prominent businesses like Toyota and Suzuki, camera-maker Canon and soy sauce firm Kikkoman have a tradition of adopting sons to continue the family business. The Auto Channel. Retrieved 5 October Motorcyclist Magazine. Car Market? MSN Autos. Suzuki's American division, famous for motorcycles and ATVs, is struggling mightily to sell cars.

Canadian Business. American Suzuki filed for bankruptcy on 5 November Suzuki Canada scrambled to reassure dealers, employees and customers it would drive safely past the wreckage. That was wishful thinking. Retrieved 18 August Motorcycle — Global Suzuki. Archived from the original on 6 October Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan, Inc.

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Archived from the original on 2 October Retrieved 12 September This was Japan's first proper 4-wheeled minicar. It was released in October with a 2-stroke, cc engine. The 'Suzu' of the name was an abbreviation of its manufacturer, Suzuki, and 'light' indicated both the nimble operation of the car and evoked an image of illumination. The Suzulight was the first Japanese vehicle to successfully mount a 2-stroke engine in a 4-wheeled car, and it was also the first wholly Japanese vehicle to use a front-engine front-wheel drive set up.

MSN Canada. Retrieved 25 August Given the current global economic downturn, all bets are off on reaching its sales target, but Suzuki's Canadian operation is currently operating with the throttle wide open nevertheless. Economic Bulletin of Senshu University in Japanese. Tokyo, Japan. Motorcycles — Global Suzuki. Archived from the original on 8 March Retrieved 19 August The official Isle of Man TT website. Isle of Man Department of Economic Development.

Retrieved 24 August The two-lap 50cc race was regarded as a bit of a giggle by some cynics, but they could not have been proved more wrong as the Grand Prix battles between Suzuki, Honda and Kreidler spilled on to the Mountain Course. History was made in the 50cc race, which was increased to three laps after the previous year's success. Motorcycle USA. Suzuki was in a unique position though.

In addition to celebrating its 50th year in , it also saw the end of automobile production in the States following approval of bankruptcy filings in March. Its styling was ahead of its time, which assured its favorable reception. Archived from the original on 4 October TT Retrieved 26 August The Weekly Times. Retrieved 4 September The original Jimny, the LJ10, was unveiled in Japan in — although it first appeared in Australia in as the LJ20, powered by a cc water-cooled two-stroke engine. Archived from the original on 6 February This motorcycle had a water-cooled, 2-stroke, 3-cylinder engine that provided good acceleration over a wide speed range from low to high.

Technologies developed for Grand Prix racing were incorporated into the body structure and brakes. Easily visible meters and other features were also provided. Archived from the original on 11 November This masterpiece of ambition was equipped with a water-cooled, single-rotor Wankel rotary engine. The RE-5 gained popularity all over the world for its completely unique design by Giorgetto Giugiaro, as well as its peripheral port system and twin mufflers.

Suzuki Philippines Inc. Since , Suzuki came into the Philippine motoring scene through the able management of Rufino D. Antonio and Associates Inc wherein they handled nationwide distribution of Suzuki motorcycles. Pak Suzuki Motor Co.

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Archived from the original on 24 September Retrieved 14 September Nihon Keizai Shimbun. Tokyo: 7. Archived from the original on 9 March Tokyo: 1. AutoWeb News. Archived from the original on 22 March Retrieved 2 September Marking a new beginning for the giant Japanese car, motorcycle and marine manufacturer in Australia, the new purpose-built complex will be in Melbourne rather than Sydney, the company's home for 18 years.

Archived from the original on 2 January The New York Times. The companies hope to gain an edge in the increasingly competive [sic] market for small, fuel-efficient cars with an engine displacement of 1, cubic centimeters and under. The agreement provides for each of the three companies to acquire shares in the other companies and to offer mutual technological and marketing assistance.

AOL Inc. GM has held an equity stake in Suzuki since , when it purchased approximately 5. GM's stake was diluted to 3. In , GM sold a Archived from the original on 7 February MSN Autos Canada. Retrieved 3 September Though the Samurai wasn't the first Suzuki off-roader to be sold in Canada, it was more popular.

Arriving in , the rugged and affordable ute quickly became popularity. Unfortunately its high centre of gravity and quick steering made it prone to rollovers.

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Sales ended in Canada in , but continued in the U. In Suzuki continued to enjoy a developing level of success in the domestic market, but it was with the export of the SJ that the company really broke into new markets. Archived from the original on 26 September Retrieved 11 September Suzuki Motor Corp owns Business Recorder.

Retrieved 7 September A year later, the Company started its operations, which were initially limited to the assembly and marketing of Suzuki FX. Tokyo: The Express Tribune. While the public was still enamoured with the three-wheel layout, Suzuki figured a fourth wheel couldn't hurt. While three-wheelers are nimble and agile, their triangular arrangement made them prone to rollover accidents.

The fourth wheel dramatically reduced the risk of toppling over, creating what we recognize today as an ATV. The Suzuki RGG was the dream machine of road bikes, developed using technologies that Suzuki had accumulated on the Grand Prix racing circuit. Every imaginable technology was packed into the machine, including the first aluminum square-pipe frame in the world to be used on a mass-market motorcycle.

Green Car Reports. The last time the American market saw a Suzuki Swift was in Some of you might not remember the Swift, but you might recall its very close cousin the Geo Metro. The Suzuki Swift was originally named the Suzuki Cultus and first introduced to the Japanese market in From on, the Cultus was marketed in seven countries under several different nameplates, the best-known of which were Suzuki Swift and Geo Metro.

Since we have been without the Swift nameplate, but recent news has pointed to the return of the Suzuki Swift for Retrieved 9 September The first shipload of fuel-efficient, horsepower cars, called the Cultus, left for the United States from central Japan on Sunday, he said.

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But because the cars are Japanese-made, they fell under that country's United States import quotas and the government allowed G. Orlando Sentinel. When the Suzuki Samurai entered the United States in late Its handling at highway speeds was frightening. And it was noisy Today the Samurai is selling at the impressive rate of 8, vehicles per month, largely to younger buyers, 25 and under.

It's also appearing before a growing number of juries in court cases stemming from roll-over accidents Suzuki says its first-generation Samurai vehicles are safe. The plaintiffs disagree.

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Presumably, the courts will decide who's right. Samurai sales, which had been running at 5, to 6, a month for the first five months of the year, dipped to 2, in June after the Consumers Union report. That allowed dealers to cut prices aggressively, and at the same time Suzuki increased its advertising. The Suzuki GSX-R came onto the market equipped with the styling and mechanisms of endurance-racing motorcycles.

Suzuki incorporated into this mass-market vehicle technologies that it had developed through its racing experience, and it became a best-seller in the cc class. Sales reached one million in and the three million mark was passed in However, expansion of Suzuki's subcompact lineup and the increasing popularity of RV-style subcompacts like Suzuki's own Type R slowed production of the Alto. Los Angeles Times. Retrieved 15 September Analysts said Suzuki will be the pioneer in the 'mini-sport utility' market, a segment in which the domestic companies have announced no plans to compete.

The Big Three U. But in our campaign, you won't see any reference to what kind of car it is. Let the buyer define it.

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About Us. Retrieved 14 August Unlike three other Asian auto plants being built in Canada, the companies said they have agreed to abide by a treaty between the United States and Canada requiring greater Canadian content in cars produced here. Mazda Motor Corporation. Edmunds Inc. But before the Toyota and Honda SUVs were even a gleam in product planners' eyes, Suzuki had virtually invented the compact soft-roader market with the debut of the Escudo in Japan and launched a year later in the U. Also Monday, American Suzuki announced its automobile lineup.