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This year was the worst so far. Every year I down grade and down grade our service and I still end up paying more. If you have another option go with a different company. I have been a customer on and off for a number of years. Most recently, I have been with Comcast the past 15 months. On the 22nd of May, I requested a cancel of service because I was moving.

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The representative that I dealt with was helpful and convinced me to stay with Comcast after initially requesting to cancel my service. At the conclusion of the phone call, he confirmed with me that my appointment to move my service was for the upcoming Saturday May 27th and that a technician would be at my new residence between the hours of pm. The 27th arrived and 1 oclock finally approach.

I was still in the process of moving, but made it a point to be at the new residence at 1pm to let the tech in to do their job. I contacted Comcast and was hung up on twice person failed to call back before finally speaking to someone. She said I would have to wait for a phone call from a technician 15 minutes before arrival.

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She asked me what time it was where I was located and I told her that it was which is 40 mins past the time the suggested they would be here. She then switched her story after reviewing her notes and proceeeded to tell me that I had set my appointment for the 30th not the 27th between the hours of 10ampm.

After explaining to her how there was no possible way that I could set an appointment out that far out on a day that nobody would be at the house, she proceeded to tell me that whatever was in the system was in fact correct information and in a professional way, insinuated that I was lying. Two hours later, still no phone call.

I decide to call back again and ask the rep if I can speak to a supervisor immediately. The rep informed me that a supervisor was not available and that I would have to wait for a phone call later on the day.

At this point, it was pm and I explained to him detail for detail my experience that day with customer service and customer support. I simply asked to speak to someone who could give me a better explanation of my situation. The gentlemen then told me that he reviewed his notes and it shows that a supervisor in fact called me hours ago at a number on my file but the number was out of service. I asked the gentleman to read that number back to me and he repeated the number to my cellphone that I was calling him from.

She was absolutely no help whatsoever and stated that the department that I actually needed was closed. She said I would have to wait until Monday dept closed on Sunday to speak to someone to assist me with my matter.

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No apologies, no help, no direction no nothing. Overall, this was one of the poorest customer service experience I have ever dealt with. I was inconvenienced by wasting 4 hours of my day waiting for a technician that never came, another 2 hours dealing with a rep that told me I was a liar and dealt with a supervisor who had a horrible attitude and showed no sympathy for me at all. The situation in its entirety still makes no sense.

So now, I have no cable service in my home for 4 days on a holiday weekend where I have family flying into town. The options presented to me were 1 buy a new router, 2 come down to Comcast to rent on of theirs or 3 schedule a service call which they would charge me for if it was my equipment.

Humm… you say, well I called the Router company who troubleshot the router, determined it was online and that Comcast likely knocked if off line with recent system updates. It seems the Router folks had many similar calls a few months back. When I called Comcast back, they insisted the router was dead, but they reactivated it at my insistence and we were back on line.

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I wonder how many customers threw out perfectly good routers and are now renting Comcast routers? I have had service for a year and have had no problems with connections even during snow, hail, etc etc. I still had connection but was unable to successfully get someone on the phone to make a simple service appointment. I gave up until today when a salesperson called me because my plan is going to expire soon, and felt bad because I was quite rude in saying — hey you guys need to fix my phone line — and I hung up on him. I can understand long wait times in a service area that is relatively remote, but having trouble getting people on the phone for a simple appointment and paying more than reasonable amounts for service is really inexcusable.

Call Dish back. X1 sucks. The DVR is just a communications box. The DVR used to be available even if cable was down. I had that problem when they first went to 25 Mb. And 1 Gb is available now, here, at my house. But nobody needs that much speed. Comcast is the worst, I hope there is other service that can replace them.

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All Comcast service is to do best is to lie to their customers. Nothing but games. What got me to stay with them the entire time is that whenever I found out about the rate increase or added fees I would call and then they would generally make it right. What finally made me decide to buy out of my contract is when my internet speeds drastically slowed down.

Being someone who works from their computer this is unacceptable, but I was willing to try and work with them on it. After a month of troubleshooting over the phone the only options I had left was to either pay for their technician to come out and fix a problem that I was not responsible for or I could buy out of the contract. Needless to say, I am no longer a Xfinity customer, nor will I ever be in the future. Will never use them again.

We started with a specialty package, and ended up needing a new box and a spanish speaing package. We will be switching soon. Worst company in the history of companies. You know who else does that? Electric companies, gas companies, and water companies. If Comcast wants to charge like a utility they need to be regulated like one as well.

Guess what that includes. Comcast is absolutely terrible. There internet service runs at a snails pace and is probably powered by mice on wheels since it kicks out and freezes about every 20 minutes. Aside from having a corner on the market, Xfinity and Comcast are pretty terrible as a service standing alone.

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Everything looks pretty good when you sign up. BUT, when you want to cancel or change downgrade your plan, the headache begins. First, I tried to call customer service to downgrade my service, I was transferred three times to reach the right person, even I made the correct choice and specifically told the agent that I wanted to downgrade. Then when I tried to do it myself online, more problems.

Online chatting only got reply with non sense and irrelevant. I believe that Comcast very poor customer service will lead to there continual loss of customers. Comcast does not understand customer service at all. I cancelled service for internet and they did not do as I asked and then billed me for another month.

I told them that my rental is continuing the service with them and that they are not out anything. They were incapable of seeing this simple truth this was a senior manager. Therefore, I am cancelling my account with Comcast from now on. I am already signed up with a new carrier. Goodbye Comcast!!!!!!! Hopefully forever.